Monday, March 26, 2012

It's A Dudley Kinda Day! Challenge

It's a Dudley kinda day and so we are challenging you all to make something using Dudley.  Dudley is always doing something fun, or getting into some kind of trouble.  He is very's no wonder he stays so thin :)

Remember the new rules…You play your win!  One freebie per challenge and YOU MUST….let me repeat…YOU MUST use a DoodleDragon image.  Once you enter using a DoodleDragon image all you have to do is email me your blog to verify your entry and I, within a few days, will send off your image to you.  Every challenge will have a new special image.  This image will not be available for months to come so you get it first just for playing along!

Here is your partial peek of the full image you will receive if you enter this challenge.

Make sure you check out what the Doodle Crew did with their Dudleys

Remember once you make something just post it to the link button below and then email Dustin ( and he will send you your free image for participating.  Don't forget to have a Dudley kind of day.

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  1. Ah doesn't Dudders look so cute as a baby!!


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