Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Talented Daughter

well I think she

My just turned 5 year old often sits and crafts while I'm at my desk and this is what made the other day...all by herself!!!

All the seats are stuck in and then she made the people to put in the seats...I LOVE it!!!

As always, she takes a keen interest in what I am doing and especially when I made a fairy castle recently, she then went on to make her own...

my favourite part of this is how she drew photos...

I love my kids to bits and just wanted to say how proud I am of my son Brent (and his fellow cadets) and the way they carried themselves and made a guard of honour at their friends funeral yesterday...Dave would have loved it...R.I.P


  1. Fabulous creations :-) She has obviously inherited her mum's talent :-) So very creative ! I love the photo she made ,,, fantastic :-)

    Lols x

    hugs to Brent,,, I am sorry to hear that terrible news x x

  2. Aaaaw, love the fairy castle and the all the people she has drawn in... obviously is going to be a scrapper.... beware of stash invaders!!

    Amazing how our kids can drive us crazy and yet when it matters... they come up to the line and perform tasks so brilliantly, it must have been very hard to say goodbye to a friend like that.

  3. bless her those are so sweet!

  4. What a creative little girl may be her thing as she grows up wonder you are proud of her.

    what happened to Brent's friend ??? Hard task to keep it together and perform a task at a funeral when so young .... no wonder you are proud of him too... in a different way xx

  5. You're right to be proud of them both, albeit for different reasons. Love your daughter's fairy castle!

  6. It looks like you are not the only talented one in the house Ginny! Better move over and give her her own desk in your room!

    Very, very cute!

  7. She did such a good job! Very creative!

  8. Love it! I wish "booing" went on in my neighborhood!


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