Sunday, January 11, 2009

Craft Tally for 2008

Because I was on sooooo many challenges last year such as a LO a day, a card a day, a self-portrait a day as well as entering LOADS of monthly challenges on the various forums I'm a member of I actually kept a spreadsheet of the "numbers" (blush)

And no I'm not photographing or recording this year as I don't expect I will do anywhere near as many (I am soooo behind in the card challenge which I appropriately started on April Fools Day last

Layouts completed in 2008 - 421

Cards made in 2008 - 198

OTP projects - 20

Canvases - 9

Albums Made - 11

Challenges Entered - 106

Photos Scrapped - 883 (101 OLD photos used)

WOW...didn't think I had anywhere near that done, surprising when you add the figures up!


  1. Ok, tell me what your secret is. You have 5 kids, same as me and yet you have achieved such a collossal amount in a year. I am majorly impressed. How do you do it? Do you sleep?

    Your blog is great - I find it really cheery IYKWIM?

  2. do a LOT of my scrapping/crafting after kids in bed at night or when i drop my daughter off in the morning and before my little one wakes oldest four dont bother me unless they're hungry or want a and as for the challenges most were LOs or cards that covered a couple of challenges

    and an

    thanks for the comment on my blog..its my "baby"

  3. I know you must be Wonder Woman in disguise! When do you ever find time to do all these great things! Congrats on a year well done! You rock for sure!

  4. Wow you have been productive. I wish I could be as good with my scrapping pages - I have soooo many photos. Love all your Christmas pages!!!

  5. WoW! Great job!! I should keep score like that one year. I'd love to see how many "random things I crafted" I could have. :)

  6. Wow, that's an impressive amount. You have been very busy I'm impressed and I love the collage effect.

  7. OMG... 800+ photos?! That is amazing!

  8. OK Ginny I am impressed! I realised that you never stop but when you actually put figures to it. OMG! well done. Kez

  9. Ok Ginny I am impressed! I realised that you never stop but when you put a figure to it. OMG! well done. Wish I could do half as much as you. Kez

  10. wow that is ALOT of layout and work, wow!!!!

  11. That's pretty cool how you kept track of it all!

  12. WOW, you really have been super duper busy ! I wish I had just a teeny tiny bit of the enthusiasm and motivation you have. Your albums are great love. Good on you !

  13. Wow, you have accomplished alot last year!! I am going to an all day scrap at the end of the month for a fund raiser, and I will be lucky to complete 6 pages! But its at the most wonderful paper store and they run us a tab as we shop, we pay before we leave, so I spend alot of time "shopping"!


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